You don’t have a lot to move? There are companies specialized with what you need

Like anything in life, every situation differs from one to another. Nothing is the same, especially when it comes to moving. Throughout a lifetime, people accumulate a lot of stuff and eventually, when needed, have to relocate to another city or state. Most moving companies have a minimum when it comes to relocating your goods. When it comes to interstate move (long distance move), it is important to let them know that you have a small move that doesn’t meet their minimum required (usually 2500 pounds or 6 linear foot on a tractor trailer). It is important to discuss the way they charge for this type of move. Always make sure that you are clear when it comes to the items that needs to be relocated over the phone or request a sales rep to do an onsite estimate prior to your moving date. Remember this old say: Cheap is always expensive, and that also applies when choosing a moving company. Scam movers will lure you in with cheap prices and when all items are in the truck, they will call you back to change the price and charge you treble (three times) the original amount. Do not be fooled by these gimmicks. Tons of scams are happening every year in the moving industry, so be very cautious. Always call the BBB about the mover. In this way you can find the Chicago professional movers to do your job. check their references online, Rip-off report, which association they are member of, and also you can ask friends and family who have moved before regarding their experiences when moving. Now how do you go with small load movers?

Small load movers – must-know info
Everything can easily be resolved with the proper organization. When you take yourself way in advance, you can save yourself tons of money, headaches, stress, anger, frustration and the list goes on and on. With these few tips, you can make your life much easier and stress free.

What goes in boxes and what goes in backpack: Always, always keep important documents with you. Never pack them into boxes and put into a truck. Passports, insurance information, medical records etc.. should be put into folders and kept with you at all time. This information can be stolen and you will NEVER retrieve it and might cause identity theft from happening. Also, during your travel to destination, keep cutlery with you, toilet paper, tooth brushes, and all necessities you may need because you might get to your destination a few days before the truck, so you need a few things to survive with. Also, maybe an inflatable bed might be a good idea since you might not have anything available at the destination location. Make sure to do the packing yourself as well because it is cheaper, and also you have an idea of what you pack in what boxes. That will help with your organization at the destination location.

Never put all your eggs in the same basket: Like when building your financial portfolio, they always say to diversify your purchases of company’s share. That allows you to not get in financial distress if that ONE Company goes belly up. The same goes for getting several moving quotes. Always shop around so you can understand how each quote is structured among the pre-selected moving company of your choice. Once you review each quote individually, you will be able to determine how each of these companies structure their cost to you and if one quote seems too cheap compare to the majority of other quotes, you know it might be a scam. Do not be fooled. Always look at other options. Shop around but also, do not go for the cheapest quote.

Learn about your mover:  Any type of moves requires thorough research about the mover of choice. The first important part is too ask for their license information (USDOT number) which EVERY single mover in the USA should have, either being a local mover or long distance. The MC docket number is reserved for long distance movers only. So any companies out there that tell you no USDOT number is needed because we are local is just a lie. You can then, with the USDOT number get a full detailed report about the mover with Everything you need to know about your mover is on this report.

Choose how you will move: Since you are not using a full tractor trailer or 26 foot truck, options are offered to you based on your needs. Do the research and make sure all your requirements are met in advance. Have all these details put in writing. Obviously, an estimate is just an estimate, and amount of hours taken to load or unload your items may vary. However, all extra cost should be mentioned on the estimate, including but not limited to: stair fee, long carry fees, elevator charges in some cases. More information you have in your hand prior to the moving day, more chances you have to make this move stress free.

Share your experience with others: Write reviews about the moving company. If it was great, then that will help them satisfy other customers, however, if they are bad, then you need to expose them to other potential victims out there. Share your information, it is worth a lot.

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