Why You Should Plan for a Garage in Your New Home

If you are choosing to have your home built, you should consider having a garage just as crucial as building a house. It does not matter if you have a new or used car, you need to have a safe place to store your vehicle that will protect it from all types of weather, keep it from being stolen, and give you a safe place to perform regular maintenance when needed. If you thought you didn’t need to have a garage, here are a few factors that will make you consider the importance of having one, and why it is a must.


A Garage Gives You a Place to Work on Your Car

Having a garage gives you a place to work on your car. This could be as simple as changing the oil, to trying to fix more tedious issues, such as replacing tires, or having to paint or touch up the car. You will also have plenty of space to store everything you need in order to work on your car and perform maintenance in the privacy of your own home, which is easier than trying to run your car to a professional every time it needs work.

Garages Are Ideal Safe Places to Store During Harsh Weather

From cold winter days to the heat of summer, having a garage gives you a safe place to put your car, and not worry what will happen in the elements. You can put your car away if you think it is going to rain, or protect it from a hail storm. Even better, you will know that you don’t have to deal with shoveling snow off your car in the morning, because you had the foresight to stick it in the garage the night before.

Garages Can Protect Your Car from Thieves

Even if you live in a nice neighborhood, thieves can come from anywhere and try to steal or vandalize a car. This is a common occurrence for cars that are parked outside, which can be broken into, and have items taken out, or the car be driven off if the thief knows how to hot wire. By putting your car in the garage, you eliminate the worry of having someone show up to your home, with a mission to take your car and its belongings.

Before you build your house, make the decision to add a garage on to it. You will enjoy having a place you can work on your car, and store everything you need to do so. You can also keep your car from being stolen, and protect it from being tampered with, since it will be put indoors, and can be locked. Finally, having a garage is useful when you live in harsh weather conditions. You can avoid having to shovel snow off your car, and won’t need to worry about the heat running your seats, or making it too unbearable to get in, thanks to having a garage.


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