Tips That Will Help You Choose the Right Window Coverings

Home renovation projects can be a very exciting time, but they also tend to be a very time-consuming and sometimes costly endeavor. With that said, you want to know that you make the right choices the first time round so that things look the way you have envisioned and without having to re-do anything.

One project that can leave homeowners a bit stumped is picking the right kind of window coverings. It’s about so much more than just picking a color or print, it’s about picking the right style that works for your space and needs. In order to help you work through the process and make that perfect first choice from the get-go, here are some tips that can help you out.

How Much Light Do You Want to Block Out?

A good place to start is by asking yourself how much light you want to be able to block out of the room, and in turn how much privacy you want. For example, blackout drapes can be popular in kids’ bedrooms so that it’s dark even at an early bedtime, whereas something like the kitchen may only require sheers. Think about how you plan to use the room, how much light you want to be able to allow in, and if that sunlight will affect the way you use the room in a negative way.

Layered Treatments Can Work Well Where Total Darkness is Needed

If you are working on a media room or TV room, then you may want to take things one step further and go with a layered treatment. In this case you can use blinds on the windows, and then install black out drapes over them.

Just be sure to do your research on any companies you choose to use for installing blinds. For example if you’re looking at the company Next Day Blinds, you can see what other customers have to say about prices, customer service, how quickly the job was done, how experienced the staff is, etc.

Are You Using the Window Coverings as a Design/Decor Element?

Perhaps you aren’t looking at window coverings as a way to block out sunlight, or add privacy, maybe it’s more about the design and decor aspect. If that’s the case then you may want to look at interesting options such as the relaxed Roman shade which helps to soften the look in the room.

Don’t Be Afraid of Different Textures, Materials, and Prints

While solid colors are going to work in any space, it’s also important not to be scared off by different textures, materials, and prints. This can add a real pop of interest in the space, make a space more luxurious, and help to create a design flow through the room and the house.

Take Your Time with the Process

Window coverings can have a huge impact on your room, which is why you want to be sure you don’t rush your decision and that you give thought to what would work best in the space.

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