4 Easy Steps to Ensure Draught Proof Windows

A cold breeze is always welcoming. Window panes are opened for one to enjoy the cool breeze blowing. But the gust of wind damaging the inside of a house is something, people dread. Draught proof windows can be the wisest decision for one’s convenience. It would keep the unwanted hindrance at bay and offer a sigh of relief to all concerned who experience great trouble during particular seasons. During such seasons, particularly in monsoon, windowpanes expand in size and one finds oneself in utter trouble. To their utter dismay, they can neither close the windows and once closed the window panes give people a tough time to open.
1.       Identification of the Problem
One is advised not to be too hasty for draught proofing a window. One should ascertain the intensity of the draught and the damage it does. After careful identification, it is recommended that a tape should be tied round the window to keep a check on how much water gets leaked. All of these processes help to determine the areas of problem and fix it up accordingly. Draught proofing is pocket friendly and one can afford its maintenance.

2.       Proper Use of Strips
triple_sash_dormaOnce the entire problem is identified, people should carry out the task of drafting the windows efficiently. Often a gap develops between the window and the frame. It is essential to fill it up by sticking the straps covering the frame. Before purchasing the strips, it becomes essential to measure the gap to avoid further confusion and problem. It is noted that making use of an oversized strip gives rise to the problem of a window pane not closing. If one opts for a strip of negligible size, then the gap remains poignant. So, every step should be taken carefully.
3.       Kinds of Strips
For windowpanes, two kinds of strips are used. Customers go in for the ones that they believe suit their purpose. But settling down for a long lasting strip is always a wise decision. But the choice remains at the hands of the customers.
•             The foam strips that are adhesive barely cost much but do not last for long.
•             The plastic and the metallic strips along with wipers and brushes that are a bit expensive, yet are a worthy purchase.
4.       The Following Demands Attention
One should never plunge into purchasing the products for draught proofing with insufficient knowledge. One is recommended to find out the lengths of the gaps that require to be sealed. Furthermore, one has to check out how wide the gape become or have already become. Careful monitoring and measurement is of utmost importance. It is a well known fact that window panes expand and contract in specific seasons. So, necessary provision becomes essential for this reason. It would be better is visibility of the draught is kept under the wraps. Onec it gets visible to all, it gives an odd appearance to the windows. Draught proof windows should not lead to the windows appearing dull. It should not give the impression of an odd combination, for the purpose of convenience. It would be better if a person purchases the strips matching the colour of the frame. One can even go in for the strips of some other colour which would complement the frame. The strips are to be purchased and attached keeping long term benefits in mind. If required, one can even get rid of the strips when one decides to give a new look to window panes and redecorate them again.

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