Why you need indoor venue heating

You don’t notice when it’s there, but you certainly miss it when it’s gone. Indoor venue heating is one of the most important things to consider for your entertainment venue because it can be the difference between a successful event and a disaster.

What is indoor venue heating?

Indoor venue heating usually consists of heating systems that are suitable for large indoor areas, like concert halls, trampoline parks, or large function rooms. Due to the size of these spaces, the heaters used need to be specially designed to heat the complete area efficiently. The intermittent use of many entertainment venues also means the heating needs to be easily controlled and adjusted. That way energy isn’t wasted, but the room is the optimal temperature when necessary.

Why you need indoor venue heating

Indoor venue heating can ensure your attendants have a brilliant time, without having to worry about being too cold constantly. If customers don’t feel the comfort they need to enjoy their time in your venue, their experience will be significantly dampened. This will not only lead to possible complaints to your staff, but you also might have to face the backlash of the internet from sites like TripAdvisor. So, it’s best to invest the small amount it takes to get this sorted before anything can go wrong.

The ideal room temperature is somewhere around 20 degrees Celsius. In larger spaces, it can be much harder to maintain the warmth which inflates the need for a specialised heating system. But also, the temperature needed in these large indoor spaces may also depend on what the venue is used for.

For example, concert halls can get hot and stuffy when there are a lot of people packed into the area. You may find that 20 degrees is too hot for this environment. But, concert halls often double as other venues, perhaps for club nights, or for theatre performances, or music recitals. If this is a case, you need a heating system that can effectively adjust.

What to look out for

Rising energy bills are a problem for many people currently in the UK, and they don’t look like they will be reducing any time soon. This means that heating an indoor venue can become expensive if they require a lot of heating. Therefore, you need to make sure you create as much efficiency in your heating system as possible.

This not only refers to installing energy efficient boilers and heating infrastructure, but it also means making the venue itself efficient. For example, making sure the walls and ceilings are insulated is a great way to use less energy and keep the heat in.

If you’re looking for a bespoke heating system for your indoor venue, get in touch with Winrow today on 08000 588 035. It’s vital that you don’t underestimate the importance of putting the right heating solutions in place when entertaining customers.

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