Why should you hire a licensed Electrical Contractor?

Nobody anticipates electrical failures but when they do happen you want it fixing quickly and cheaply. This often leads to home and business owners hiring the ‘friend of a friend’ handyman or a cheaper unlicensed electrician. Whilst in the moment this may seem like the best choice, in the long term you will find that you are not only putting your finances at risk but also yourself.


Initially, the cost of an unlicensed electrician will be relatively low, but the long-term cost could be irreparable. In 2016 alone, 54.4% of fires in England were started by electrical failures which led to both severe damages to properties and death of residents. Many of these fires are likely caused by improper electric work by untrained and unlicensed workers. By hiring a licensed electrical contractor, you can rest easy in the knowledge that they have been trained to the highest standards and are also aware of all the codes and standards they must meet.


An issue many do not even consider when hiring an electrician is the liability if anything was to go wrong. Most would assume that an electrician would have the appropriate insurance and training in place in case an accident occurs, but this, unfortunately, isn’t always the case. If an unlicensed electrician is injured in your home or business, you may be liable for what happens to them. Equally, if the work carried out is faulty or incomplete, who will you contact regarding these issues? Despite the reduced initial costs, in the long run, you may end up paying much more than you anticipated.

Benefits of Licensed Electricians

• Professionalism is key in any job and with a licenced electrician you can be assured that they are trained and experienced enough to carry out the job at hand. Their work will not only be backed up by an insurance company but their years of knowledge and experience in their field.

• By hiring a professional you know that the job will be carried out correctly the first round with no need to pay for any extra fixes anytime soon.

• Any work with electricity is dangerous which is why it requires in-depth knowledge and training to be able to work safely. Inexperience not only puts the individual working at risk but also puts all those in the property at risk. Having a licenced professional ensures they will adhere to up to date safety standards and procedures.

• Not only does faulty electricals create a hazard in your property, it can also damage the efficiency of all of your electrical items. Whilst you may believe the local handyman has done a good job, they may, in fact, have done damage you will be unaware of. Faulty electrics can damage efficiency by up to 30% which ultimately means you are paying a lot more in utilities each month.

Whilst the initial low price of an unlicensed electrician may seem appealing, it won’t be long before the cracks in the faulty electrics start to show and you are forced to pay out more money than you would if you had hired a licenced electrical contractor. Don’t leave it to chance, hire a professional.

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