Top 10 Ways to Improve Home Security

Your home security is crucial, and you should give it the top priority. Burglaries occur in every 15 seconds in the US according to FBI. The stats indicate that strangers can easily access most homes. There are straightforward and low-cost steps that you can take to reduce chances of a break-in.

Buy a security system

Choose a security system according to the needs of your home. You can decide to have a professional install for you a monitored smart system, or you can have a simple camera. You may also need to install a motion sensor for windows and doors, alarm, and a smoke detector.

Secure the doors

Make sure all the doors are well fixed and have strong locks. Deadbolts and peepholes should also be installed in your doors to increase the level of security. You can rely on Locksmith Joondalup to make for you quality and reliable locks of your choice.

Place warning stickers

Place stickers in a visible place. A sticker can be a dog or an alarm warning sign or any other sign. Have signs of what is there; having fake signs in place can work against you.

Avoid hiding keys

Most people have a habit of hiding keys under doormats or in some specific areas in or near the house. Burglars know where keys are hidden and getting your key may not be a challenge to them. You can consider getting a spare key from a trusted locksmith Fremantle expert like locksmith Joondalup. All car keys should all be kept in a secure place but not in the garage, and also you can get another key from car locksmith if you need a spare one.

Perform a fake burglary

Have a friend walk in your house and pick things that are not well stored. The mock burglary will help identify what you are not doing right. Some of the things that people store in obvious places are jewelry and documents; you may need a safe to store them.

Check windows

Most windows don’t have smart locks that ensure maximum security. You can install aftermarket window locks that enable it to open and remain secure.

Eliminate hiding places

Trim all the flowers near the house and cut down shrubs that you don’t need. Burglars can use them as hiding places.

Meet neighbors

Be friendly to your neighbors and know the new ones soonest. Let them be aware when you are away so that they can keep an eye on your home. Friendly neighbors will let you know when they notice unusual activity in your home.

Install timers

Timers make your home look like someone is in when in the real sense there is nobody. They are of great help when you are out for a vacation, or you are attending a late night meeting. You can use timers to switch on the television and lights.

Formulate a plan

Have a meeting with people you stay with and set simple security rules. The rules should be on how to open and close the doors and windows, using emergency exit if there is a need, and how to handle strangers. You should also visit an auto locksmith immediately in case any of the car keys is missing.

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