The most Beautiful Kinds of Woods to use for Timber Windows

If you have decided to introduce the organic and sweet-smelling touches which timber windows bring to your home, you will need the correct kind of wood with which to create a suitable shaping from. Of course, most people will just purchase their windows. Still, it helps to know which are the most durable and attractive woods from which these excellent fittings are made from.

The Benefits of Wooden Windows

Since the beginning of time, humans have favoured creating homes largely from wood, due to their readily availability and durability. They provide an excellent level of insulation, which windows made from metal do not. They are also perfectly recyclable, and do not leave a mark on the environment. Please keep in mind that timber windows require maintenance, and should be inspected once in a while in order to ensure that their condition and cleanliness is kept intact. You will also need to repaint them every few years.

Wooden touches are an excellent installation for both modern and classically styled homes, bringing sweet-smelling flourishes for a generally fair pricing. Of course, more exotic or precious woods can cost a lot of money, but the general, mainstream timbers are on the whole quite affordable.

The Best Kinds of Wood

The Difference between Hardwood and Softwood

In terms of softwood, the best trees to look for are Spruce or Fir, which are both quite hardy and home owners will be amazed at how long they last before submitting to decomposition. For those on a budget, softwood is definitely the way forward, being substantially less expensive than hardwood. The only downside is that softwoods will retain a lot more moisture than their sturdier counterparts.

For those seeking a hardwood design, go for Sapele (make sure that you go for a microporous finish for the smoothest finish attainable), Oak, and Idigbo (a beautiful West African alternative that is more affordable than oak), which are among the finest woods available on the market.

The Timeless World of Oak

This classic favourite among timber enthusiasts is widely used for its unbeatable sturdiness and incredible weight-retention ability. Being one of the most widely grown trees in most forested parts of the world, you are generally assured an ethical purchase from a highly renewable source. As powerful as oak is, remember that it is still an organic material, and is still susceptible to decay over time.

The Incredible Lifetime of Accoya

This sensational wood is guaranteed to last buyers around a quarter of a century. Its unique biological makeup ensure that it does not encounter the same level of shrinkage and swelling as many other types of wood (up to 75%). Another excellent advantage is that applied varnishes and paints will last almost four times longer than those applied on other woods. This makes it a godsend for those concerned about maintenance, or for those wishing to rent out homes for extended periods of time. To end it all off, Accoya is an ethically forested wood, stemming from renewable sources.

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