The benefits of using various roof materials for your home

Whether your property is for residential or commercial purpose, a roof is absolutely essential, no matter what! It protects you from the harsh rays of the sun and prevents you from drowning in your own home when the heavens open. The best thing that a roof does for you is the work of protecting you from scrawny monkeys and other animals attacking your home and claiming everything that you hold dear. Needless to say, a roof also enhances the aesthetic appearance of your home. Imagine living in the midst of four walls with nothing to top it; plain ugly! There are a variety of options available when it comes to roof materials. These materials not only make for a protective and sturdy home but also make the home visually appealing.

1.)   Roof Tiling Materials

The best and the most common material used for roofing are the tiles made out of hard wearing materials such as clay and ceramics. Surprisingly, sometimes, glass can also be used to make roofing tiles. Although, this may not be your most reliable option in the event of hailstones showering from the heavens. Usually, people do not opt for this combination of glass and roof. Most commonly, clay tiles are used by people across the globe. However, to make it weather resistant, it is important to coat it with a weather resistant glazing coat.


When the materials of these roof tiles have been decided, the shape comes into the picture. Along with the material, the shape plays an important role too. The most basic tile that has been used by man is the flat tile. These flat tiles make for the perfect roofing materials because of its flatness and rectangular shape. It has been used by people since times immemorial.


There also exist roman tiles and single roof tiles. Roman tiles have an adorable curve at each end. These curves are not just for aesthetic appeal but they help to lock the other tiles in place. Single lap tiles have an “S” shape and they give a visually beautiful pattern when laid down.


2.)   Slate roofing materials:

Slate is a very popular material which is used in roofing. The best part about using these roof materials is that it is extremely strong. It is waterproof and thus a very favourable material especially in regions which receive heavy rainfall. It is very easy to give a particular shape to this material. Thus, shaping it into rectangles, which is the usual shape of a roofing tile, is as easy as pie. This material is extremely long lasting and a perfect choice for anyone who wants reliable protection for their home. On the flipside, the slate roofing can be a little steep on the pockets since maintaining it can be quite a task. However, if quality is your main concern, Slate roofing should be your ideal choice.


3.)   Felt roofing Materials:

These are extremely durable roofing materials made of polyurethane. This is usually the preferred choice of roofing contractors. Typically a base board is fitted with the felt roof which is then painted with a preservative coating. It is this coating that increases the life of the entire roofing structure. Galvanised nails are used to secure the felt roofing in place once the base board has been prepared. Felt roofing suits best on the structures that need a flat roofing like garages and gardens. The benefit of using felt roofing is that it is extremely inexpensive and therefore, it is a common choice for roofing contractors to make a building look elegant.


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