Italian-Inspired Lighting for Home

Italy is one of the most coveted destinations in Europe. The quality of elegant decay in its architecture, and a deeply preserved history has made it every traveller’s dream. Besides, Italy does have a distinct charm that many want to behold even to the point of wanting it right in their very own home.

How lighting can affect the look of your home

One of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance the Italian-inspired theme of your home is through its lighting. By investing on Italian light fixtures, you can have a piece of Europe’s best in your chosen place of abode.

However, you also have to make sure that the concept is in harmony with the rest of the interior. Determining your current interior style will help you choose the right type of Italian lighting that will suit your home best. There is a wide range of Italian light fixtures that you can choose from — from modern, to contemporary, and even to traditional styles.

Here are some examples:

1. Floor and table lamps

If you are working on a remodelling project but are unwilling to move your current fixtures or install new ones, then floor and table lamps are your best bet. They simply have to be positioned on the floor or on the desk without having to screw or glue anything. Floor and table lamps usually come with fabric or glass shades and make great sources of ambient lighting.

2. Wall sconces

Wall sconces are among the most versatile types of lighting. They are used generally for decorative purposes — particularly to highlight certain features of the house or simply to provide soft lighting in the room or in any given space. Furthermore, wall sconces can also serve as great decorative outdoor lights. When placed outside, they can accentuate the best features of the structure’s facade.

3. Pendant lights

This is a popular lighting type in Italy which generally comes in the form of a single or group of lamps dropping from a chain that is fastened to the ceiling. Pendant lights are usually installed in kitchens, where they provide task lighting which is necessary for productivity, efficiency, and safety during cooking or food preparation. They may also come in more ornate designs especially the ones that are placed in areas where there is frequent social interaction or gathering.

4. Lanterns

Lanterns can be a beautiful addition to your home, especially when placed near the pool area, in the patio, or the porch. Italian-inspired designs from Flos are particularly perfect for creating that celebrated European feel in the areas of home wherein the goal is to relax and simply enjoy the evening air.

5. Well and spotlights

Do you have a lovely garden in the dimmer areas of your house? You can highlight it with the use of Italian-inspired well and spotlights that enhance the beauty and light the way of your well-tended shrubbery during nighttime. They don’t only add to the aesthetic value of your outdoor space, they also promote safety in said area.

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