Is a wet room the bathroom design for you?

Is a wet room the bathroom design for you? 

When you think of your dream bathroom, luxury probably comes to mind.

We do so much in our bathrooms, getting ready to start our day and winding down at night. Therefore, it’s important they’re not just comfortable, but also functional for our needs.  

You may not have considered a wet room before, as you might think that it doesn’t scream luxury, or that it’s out of your budget. But, installing a wet room shower could help you with both your décor and your purse!

Here are some of the benefits a wet room can bring to your house.  

Transform your small bathroom 

If you’re the owner of a small and cramped bathroom, the situation is far from hopeless!

Removing the bathtub, which can take up a massive amount of space in a bathroom, will open up the room.

However, you can go a step further with wet room panels, otherwise known as wetwall, and take away the shower enclosure.  

Using shower wall panels, you can achieve a fully waterproofed section of your bathroom which will blend into the rest of the room.

This will not only give the illusion of space you’re looking for, but if you choose the right shower panels, you could create a sense of luxury in your spatially-challenged bathroom. 

Reduce your cleaning time 

If you’re blessed with a lot of space in your bathroom, the cleaning regime can be a nightmare.

Instead of scrubbing your shower, your bathtub and your sink, installing wet room panels can easily cut your cleaning time in half. 

Bathroom panelling is tremendously quick and simple to clean. You can just wipe down the panels and you’re done!

The PVC material is also extremely hygienic, and thanks to a lack of grout, mould will have no place to thrive. 

Suitable for any family 

This is often an overlooked benefit of installing a wet room shower, but this type of bathroom can fit into any family lifestyle. 

For example, if you have young children that enjoy outdoor activities or play sport, your house will soon be covered in mud. With a wet room shower, you can rest assured that the kids will be cleaned off straight away, without the need to scrub the basin free of muddy handprints! 

On the other hand, if you have an elderly relative living with you, installing wet room panels creates a much more accessible environment for them to shower. There’s no need to get in or out of a bath, and a shower seat can be easily added, making a wet room a great addition to any home

As you can see, installing a wet room could be your fastest route to a more luxurious and functional bathroom.

Always ensure you fully measure your bathroom, and if you’re planning to rearrange features such as your sink or toilet, consult a professional when it comes to the plumbing.

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