installing stylish cabinets in the home

When it comes to installing cabinets in the home, there are many considerations to take into account to achieve great results. Cabinet installers have special tools and techniques at their disposal to create attractive, stable cabinet systems. DIYers can also benefit from some extra knowledge, helping them to install cabinets like a pro.

Cabinet runs are the first major stumbling block for cabinet installers. In this article, we will discuss cabinet runs and how to address this aspect, resulting in cabinet installations you can be proud of. Let’s jump right in!

What are Cabinet Runs?

In simple terms, cabinet runs are the assembled components of a cabinet system. Think about the floor-mounted cabinets in a kitchen; while they may appear to be one large piece, the reality is that they are made up of several smaller cabinets and are screwed together during installation.

The problem with cabinet runs and with traditional cabinet-installing techniques is that nothing is square in a typical home or office. The walls and floors may be out of plumb, and the cabinets themselves may not be square. This creates additional headaches for the installer, who must take into account the squareness of every surface.

Installing Cabinets Individually

Because the walls, floors, and cabinets may be out of plumb, this often requires installers to resort to using wooden or plastic shims to get the cabinets installed level. Shims are simple wedge-shaped pieces, usually of a soft wood. Over time, these shims can contract or expand, causing the cabinets to shift. Also, shims require installers to mount each part of a cabinet system individually. Each time shims are used to install a cabinet, the next cabinet in the installation will require more and more leveling. It is a time-consuming and backbreaking process that often takes hours to achieve decent results.

Installing a Cabinet Run

Luckily, the EZ-Level System was developed to address the common problems cabinet installers face when mounting cabinets in the home or office. EZ-Level uses a patented cam and fine-threaded adjusters to achieve perfect results in a fraction of the time needed by using shims or other leveling systems. What used to take hours now takes mere minutes.

The best aspect of the EZ-Level System is that cabinet installers may now treat a cabinet run as one large piece of furniture. Gone are the days of installing individual cabinet components – with EZ-Level, the cabinets are mounted to one another and leveled all at once. This saves hours of labor while resulting in a superior cabinet leveling experience. EZ-Level cams are mounted underneath the cabinets and are hidden by the toe kick once the cabinets are installed. The durable construction of the leveling components means that they are far more stable than other leveling methods. Once installed, they will not shift, expand, or contract, protecting expensive countertops from damage. The EZ-Level System is preferred by professional cabinet installers, helping them to save time on each job. Handy homeowners appreciate the simplified means of installing cabinets with the EZ-Level System, resulting in stable, attractive cabinet installations that they can be proud of.

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