How to Maximise Sophistication With a Rug

So, you are having guests over and you want to make an impression. Or perhaps you want your home to reflect your hard earned money. Whatever the reason, it is essential to choose your accessories wisely to create that sophisticated look in your home. Although it isnt always the first thing to come to mind, a rug can provide this image whilst adding practical floor insulation and a lot of homely coziness too! But how do you know which one to choose? Here, we discuss three types of rug, and explain how each one can showcase your cultured, cultivated and cool character!

Traditional Rugs

Pattern Rug 3

The exquisite beauty of a traditional rug lies in its cultural and historical elements. Originating from countries stretching from Morocco to Iran, the fact they date back hundreds of years and are often hand woven adds to the quality and character of traditional rugs, and provides personality that you will struggle to harvest from elsewhere. One of the best things about them is the ability to show how cultured and well travelled you are even if you arent! Always a talking point, their history when purchased from an antique store or handed down through generations can give an excellent story to share. If however you dont particularly want to spend too much, you can purchase a replica one, recognised easily by their sometimes intentionally worn appearance, heavy patterns, and clearly defined borders.

Modern Rugs

Chevron Rug

For those who dont particularly like the look of traditional rugs, or are worried about their place amongst other décor, a modern rug may be the answer. Modern rugs have much more variety, can be patterned or plain and really put across your personality. In terms of sophistication, a modern rug can finish off a monochrome or minimalist look design concepts which themselves are sophisticated. By adding to these themes, they are being enhanced, meaning the sophisticated message they convey is better translated in the minds of those who enter your home. It is important to choose carefully however, as not all modern rugs are classy! Rug Mountain have some excellent selections for any room if you are struggling to find one in stores.

Shaggy RugsShaggy rug 3

Many may disagree that shaggy rugs are sophisticated however, this is because people dont know how to place them. Fun and sophistication dont have to be mutually exclusive – although there are differing thicknesses and patterns for those that disagree. These would more closely resemble modern rugs, but even with a lighter thickness, a rug is still shaggy if it has a long pile length, and has additional benefits in terms of feeling cozy underfoot and helping insulate a room.

After purchasing the right rug, it can be guaranteed that your home will ooze sophistication. All you have to do is choose the right type and colour for your room, so what are you waiting for?

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