How to landscape if your garden is small

Having a small garden doesn’t mean missing out on the beauty which a well landscaped garden can bring. While there isn’t enough space to add huge amounts of plants, décor or outbuildings, a few smart tricks can mean your garden is a stunning piece of land no matter what the size.

Work in layers

When a garden is small, there isn’t the luxury to use a lot of ground space for landscaping. The best way to get around this is to add different layers of height to the garden. Not only does this bring more surface area to play with, it gives the appearance of more space due to added height.

  • Open bottomed benches can be used as a seating area, to hold potted plants and to protect young plants from extreme weather.
  • Look into vertical planters which can make use of walls and fences, freeing up space on the floor while still allowing you to have flowers and plants
  • Pick decorations which can be hung on trees or placed on steps

Build an arbour or arch

Both an arbour and arch are a great option for small gardens as they don’t take up much ground space, they make a garden seem more majestic and they highlight an area of the garden which means less attention or maintenance is needed on other areas. A wooden frame is best suited for a smaller garden as it looks less imposing than steel structures; choose one which allows climbing plants to be entwined around for a beautiful floral display.

Split the garden up

One way to maximise a small garden is to split it up into three parts;

  • Patio/ terrace. This can be nearest to your house entrance to provide an area for seating
  • Lawn. This should be the majority of the garden
  • Flower beds. This could be around the lawn, in raised planters, or even potted plants along the patio

Splitting up a small garden makes it look much more spacious as, despite each section being small, it brings more depth to the garden. It is also a much more functional way of using up your garden space.

Create a cosy feel

With a small garden, sometimes the best choice is simply to play on this feel and create a cosy, intimate zone for reading, having friends round for drinks, or simply sitting back with a cocktail and enjoying the sunset. A roofed patio with cosy, plush deck chairs, a small table and candles can create a lovely relaxed ambience without the need for a grand garden.

Play on the space

Another way of emphasising the small space is to fill your garden with exotic plants, coloured garden lights and jewelled stepping stones to create a Secret Garden feel. This is particularly good for households with small children – hide gnomes and fairies behind bright flowers for a magical playground full of wonder. This is an eccentric but fun, bold way to use your small space to its full advantage.




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