How To Increase Your Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is all about how your house looks like from the outside. After you have found yourself settled in your home, it is common to do small projects to “upgrade” your investment. On a practical level, the kerb appeal is used to attract potential buyers. After all, don’t we all try to put our best foot forward? On a personal level, you might want people to get a sense of your personality before they enter. Whether you are trying to sell your home or trying to make feel more like you, there are three things you might want to look at to increase your kerb appeal.

Add texture to your exterior walls

You don’t need to buy a rendering machine to achieve the same textured look of the houses in Greece, but you may need to call your local tradesman. Having a textured wall is an investment on two fronts. The first being it adds character to your house. If you are trying to pull off a Tuscan look with light wood and bright colours, a textured exterior wall helps create a cohesive look. The second is that it adds weather-resistance to your home. If you live near the coast or in areas that are prone to strong storms rendering your exterior walls with texture prevents the walls from cracking under the pressure.

Upgrade your window fixtures

Windows can be fashionable as well, don’t compromise your overall look for the sake of practicality. There are practical options for windows which lean to more gothic or rustic looks. If you cannot find any that match your style, work with a false front. Have your wooden windows with iron finishes on the outside, but with a screen or glass panels on the inside. Nothing ruins the overall look more than plain white frames with glass when you are trying to go for something romantic. Don’t be afraid of uncommon materials and work closely with an expert to ensure the quality won’t be compromised.

Add plants in your front yard.

Landscaping is the easiest and most common technique to add kerb appeal. If you live in a dry or humid area, there are plant types that properly suit the climates without being too restrictive. Remember to take note of how to care for those plants or buy low maintenance ones. As much as kerb appeal is used to attract attention, these changes are commitments.

Increasing your kerb appeal is not dependent on how much you are willing to invest. There are minor and major projects you can take on. If you aren’t ready you don’t need to invest in patios, rendering machines, or fences. Making small, but flexible changes like adding plants, pavement, and a new paint job can make a difference as well. It is less about the size of your project and more about how you juggle your design elements to create your own personal look.

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