Electrical Ideas To Give Your Home An Instant High-End Update On A Budget

Are you planning on giving your living space a much-needed update? Perhaps you’re starting a renovation project, designing a new build or taking on your first fix. Whatever stage of property planning you’re at, it’s important to consider all aspects of the space – including the electrics.

No matter how beautiful our interiors are, if the electrics are feeling outmoded, it can age our entire home. That’s why, every so often, our homes need a small refresh without a full-scale renovation. By turning your attention to your electrics, you can make a substantial and long-lasting update to your home.

Do your fixtures need fixing up?

It’s easy to overlook our electrical fixtures. Ideally, after all, they should blend into the background. But shabby sockets and switches, or inadequate lighting, can lower the tone of an entire space. The damage they do isn’t purely aesthetic either; inefficient lighting and heating solutions can cause energy bills to be much higher than they need to be.

Add a high end feel to your home while saving on energy costs with these electrical ideas for the home

Mix and match lighting solutions around the home

Lighting is a make or break feature when it comes to home design. For a lighting scheme that is truly catered to your home and your needs, adopt a mix and match approach.

Incorporate a mixture of ambient, task and general lighting depending on your rooms, and what you use them for. For example, undercabinet lighting is an ingenious way to illuminate all the workspaces in your kitchen. In a room where the main purpose of lighting is ambience, such as your kitchen, try to use feature table lamps such as exposed Edison bulbs. If you don’t want to crowd your bedside table space, you can even use low wattage pendant lighting.

Your switches and sockets can make a big difference

Whether you’re embarking on your first fix or designing a new build, switches and sockets are an integral feature of any room. As we become more and more dependent on our electrics and appliances, the golden rule is the more the merrier when it comes to sockets. Choose outlets with 4 or more sockets, with USB ports for phone charging. You can even keep more of a handle on your electricity costs with smart sockets that allow for timing and scheduling.

In terms of aesthetics, we often opt for ‘safe’ decorating choices when it comes to these fixtures. But gone are the days of beige walls and floors and – with them – white plastic switches and sockets. Try modernising your electrical fittings with chic colourways and textured finishes. Add some striking contrast to a bright wall with brushed chrome fittings or introduce striking contrast with black nickel. 

Choosing state-of-the-art electricals for your home is a worthwhile investment that will elevate the entire feel of your interiors.

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