Converting a Guest Room to a Baby Room

When you have a spare room, it can be difficult to decide what to do with it. Though it may start out as a guest room, the room may eventually need to be redesigned with a growing family in mind. It may be time to think about how you share your space with adult guests before the newest member of your family arrives. If you don’t want to have a pull out couch, consider having a hybrid room that caters to both a new baby and to guests.

With enough planning, it is possible to design a room to suit the needs of guests and the newest member of your family. Though guests won’t be staying long, it is in your best interest to think about the needs of both a child and of an adult. For example, babies need their toys, while adults are happy as long as they have a wall outlet. Babies also need stimulating colors and colorful designs, which can be very distracting for adults. How are you going to conceal all the parts of the room that make it perfect for children?

Begin with the easy stuff: anything that can be easily stored should have a spot in the house for when guests are in town. Toys can be stored in a toy chest and blankets can be stored in a closet. Additionally, it’s smart to have two versions of key decor for both guests and for babies. If you have curtains, blankets, and pillowcases with stimulating colors and designs for your baby, have alternatives with more sedentary and formal colors for your guests. You’d be surprised how much of a difference this makes.

For things that are more static, like paint and furniture, you will need to see into the future a bit. In a bustling city like Chicago, it can be difficult to find time to redesign your guest room, especially when you haven’t quite made the move to a house. It may be in your best interest to hire local painters in Chicago to paint a room of your apartment while you’re at work. Consider neutral colors, like navy or taupe, that can be brought to life with some brighter colors in the room from curtains and blankets. Guests will feel like they’re staying in a Chicago boutique hotel.

As far as furniture is concerned, buy things that can move. As long as there’s a bed, guests will be plenty happy with the space. Cribs are fairly easy to move, so shuffling that around the house shouldn’t be too difficult. Your baby can join you in the master bedroom or they can stay in the living room for a few nights. Barring the essentials, a few accent pieces can be a bit whimsical to appeal to the playful side of children and adults as well.

When a baby outgrows their nursery, they’re going to need a larger bed anyway, so it may be efficient to buy sooner rather than later. If you have the resources, it may even be best to have a pull-down bed that’s built into the wall. They’re expensive, so if that’s not an option, guests will have to be satisfied with an air bed.

It can be difficult to think of all the right furniture that needs to be included when you want to have a hybrid room. Though this article is by no means exhaustive, personalizing a baby room so that it’s ready for company can start with these tactics.

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