A Look at the Top Elements of the Perfect Kitchen

The perfect kitchen – the kitchen of your dreams – is not unattainable. You can have your very own beautiful yet perfectly functional kitchen with the right planning and the proper elements. If you are planning to refurbish your current kitchen or are creating an entirely new one, you need to know how to plan it and which elements to include. Here, then, are the top elements of the perfect kitchen.

  1. The layout

The kitchen is essentially a room with a distinct purpose. It’s the room where you can prepare food and cook it. If it fails in this function, then it’s a useless kitchen, isn’t it? This is why it’s important to design a layout which allows you to prep food, cook and move around with ease. The kitchen triangle is your rule of thumb when it comes to designing your kitchen, and it refers to how three key features are positioned: the cooktop, the refrigerator and the sink. Make sure these three key features are configured in a triangle, so it will be easy to work as well as stay safe whilst you’re in the kitchen.

  1. Access and storage

Ample storage for all your kitchen items is also a priority. Even if you have a small kitchen, you can have more than enough storage space with a few clever storage ideas, as the experts in kitchens in West Sussex (and surrounding areas) like HKS will agree. Your storage areas can include cabinets under worktops, wall-hung cabinets, drawers, hidden storage spaces and cubbyholes, and so on. Make sure as well that your storage spaces are easily accessible, allowing you to find and get what you need without too much inconvenience.

  1. The worktops

Your kitchen worktops are also a major element, and whilst you have a range of choices, it’s essential to choose the ideal one. There are stainless steel, laminate, engineered stone, natural stone, and wood worktops, and each has certain qualities that make it ideal for your purpose and lifestyle. Worktops can come in different designs as well, so be sure to choose a worktop which complements your kitchen’s overall style and look.

  1. Your oven and stovetop

When it comes to the stove or cooktop, you have a variety of choices, too. Modern cooktops have different sizes and come in various finishes, from enamel to glass to stainless steel. They can also be induction, gas, or electric. In the end, the choice is up to you, but it’s a good idea to install the widest one you can have. Ovens also play a big role, and the choices are extensive. But if you want something that’s easy to clean, you can opt for a pyrolytic oven, which can actually clean itself.

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