A Guide to the Different Types of Kitchen Countertops

Once in a while, we want to spice up our homes by refurbishing some of the old features. Home improvements may include replacing old furniture, installing a new ceiling, and remodelling the kitchen. The most frequent refurbishment should be in your kitchen. Make sure that your kitchen is always clean, maintained and free from bacteria. One of the kitchen remodelling services is replacement of countertops. If you want to add value and elegance to your kitchen, make sure that you choose the best type of countertops on the market.

There are several types of countertops. The best type for your kitchen depends on your needs. Your best choice may also be determined by your kitchen remodelling budget. However, you may go for cheap but nondurable countertops. It’s always advisable to try and get value for your money. Here are some of the available types of countertops you can install in your kitchen.

Wooden countertops

Today, it is very rare to find wooden countertops. Although they were the best choice a few decades ago, these countertops had a lot of shortcomings. First, water would soak into the countertop providing an environment for bacteria and dirt. They were also non-durable and weak. Wooden countertops were also affected by heat and cold.

Tile countertops

Tile countertops are common in most homes. They are highly preferred because they are heat resistant. Tiled countertops are also scratch resistant hence you can place anything on your worktops. These countertops are made of ceramic or porcelain. Although they are waterproof, this type of countertop has been criticised for not being durable. Ceramic tiles can easily break if not well maintained. They are also likely to chip easily.

Natural stone countertops

This is the latest type of countertops. Most homeowners are replacing their tile countertops with the natural stone countertops. There are several types of these worktops depending on the material used. You can choose to install marble, quartz, concrete or granite countertops. People living in Ireland can get these counter tops at www.cggranite.ie. Granite countertops are the most sought-after type of countertops. First, they are durable. Granite countertops can last up to 10 years without breaking. They are also easy to clean and maintain. These countertops are also heat resistant and waterproof.

There are several places you can find high quality countertops in Ireland. However, you should look for strong and easy to maintain granite countertops, which are easy and cheap to install. Enhance the elegance of your home kitchen by installing affordable and durable granite countertops. It’s one of the few home improvements that will actually add value to your home instantly, and give you an excellent return on your investment if you decide to sell your home in the future.

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