8 Tips for Moving to a New House

Moving can be a very stressful event, but with some thought and a plan, moving can be a much easier task.

Let’s discuss eight tips to consider when moving to a new home.

1. Moving is not a spur of the moment activity. It is critical to allow enough time to pack and clean before hitting the road to a new home. If you will be hiring professional movers, be sure to get several estimates before making a choice. It is essential to read the fine print of any estimate and contract before signing to be sure the mover does not include any off-beat moving mandates such as they will only move boxes purchased from them or they will not move items in trash bags.

2. As soon as you know your new address, file change of address cards with the post office and any entity you do business with. This includes online and offline entities. Be sure to notify utilities of your move so you will be up and running as soon as you get to your new home.

3. Consider cleaning out and discarding anything you do not want before beginning the packing process. Packing less will help save time and quite possibly minimize the number of boxes necessary. If the removals are in decent shape, consider donating them to a charitable organization or if you are enlisting volunteers for your moving task consider giving them first crack at the items to be discarded. Removals intended for the trash pile should be discarded so they are not accidently packed and moved.

4. Pack items you will need first in a plastic container. Include items such as trash bags, a utility knife to open cartons, toiletries, eating utensils, select cookware and perhaps a change of clothes. Putting such items in a clear container will identify the must have items from the rest of the cardboard boxes. If desired, this box could also be transported by car rather than with the rest of your belongings.

5. To save on bubble wrap and other packing materials, consider wrapping and packing breakables in clean clothing, using clean socks for stemware. This technique actually hits two birds with one stone. You are packing clothes and kitchenware at the same time.

6. It will be helpful if you take a picture of the connections of electronic components. This will help make re-assembly easier and quicker. Put all wires and connections in zip lock bags and label each bag appropriately. This will keep all the right wires and connections in a safe place and eliminates the task of sorting through a box of everything to get your electronics up and running.

7. Consider using containers such as laundry baskets, hampers, bins and suitcases to pack items in. This cuts down on the number of boxes you have to purchase or scavenge from the neighborhood stores. Suitcases with wheels are especially helpful when getting items to the moving truck and into the new home.

8. Before the cheap movers in Perth or friends arrive to help you move, make sure everything is packed and ready to go. Trying to pack as you go will only lengthen the time it takes to get from point A to point B and cause frustration for the moving team if they have to spend time waiting for you to assemble your belongings.

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