5 DIY Roofing Tips for Beginners

While roof repairs and roofing jobs are usually best left to professionals, there are times when performing a DIY job becomes a necessity. In some cases, the issue might just be minor, and you may not want to pay for a professional. In other cases, you either can’t get access to a roofing company or simply can’t afford their services. If you were thinking of performing a roofing job yourself, here are some essential tips you should follow first.

Put Safety First

Roofing can be dangerous and even professionals get injured, so make sure that you take all the precautions needed before you even start the job. The first thing you want to do is invest in a pair of rubber soled shoes and a Guardian Fall Protection harness. You should also consider asking someone you know for help as you may need assistance while you’re up there.

Inspect Materials

Sometimes, leaks may be caused by faulty shingles that began to crack after being nailed down. Poor nailing during installation could also be an issue. In some cases, nails are nailed way too low which will cause the shingles to push back, so make sure to check if this is the case.

Spray the Roof

If you notice a leak inside your house, you have to find a way to locate it on the roof. One way you can do that is by climbing on the roof and spraying in the general area of the leak so that you can spot it. If it’s during wintertime however, it would be better to wait since spraying water on your roof when it’s freezing out is not safe.

It would be also wise to check roof valleys while you’re there. The valleys are the regions where two roofs will intersect each other. Leaks often form there since water will have a tendency to accumulate in this area, so it’s always better to inspect them as thoroughly as you can for signs of deterioration and leaks.

Clean Your Gutters Up

One of the major reasons why leaks can form on the roof are debris accumulating in your gutters. This can cause water to start building up during heavy rain which can then cause your roof to deteriorate. This is why it’s important to clean your gutters as often as you can.

Fix Your Roof Boots

Skylights, ice damping, flashing and the roofing itself are often the first places people look at for leaks. However, a lot of people overlook rubber boots around pipes and vents.

Damaged or dried up boots can actually be a major cause for leaks. Luckily, fixing roof boots can easily be done on your own. All you have to do is buy a replacement boot at any hardware store and install it. However, before you do, you might have to remove some shingles around the pipe or vent you want to install it on and apply some new tar before you put the new boot in.

All these tips will allow you to prevent future issues and reduce the chances of having to call a professional. However, if you feel any job might be too much for you, it’s always better to work with a reputable contractor instead.

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