3 Types of TV Wall Mounts to Choose From

TV wall mounts are becoming more popular. People love to watch movies on a wall-mounted TV instead of the usual stand. It makes them feel like the screen is wider and seamless. It is as if they are watching a movie on the big screen.

In the office, it is also nice to have a wall-mounted TV. While guests are waiting, they can just watch movies on the screen. You can even play clips about your business so it becomes a tool for advertising as well.

Whether used at home or for business purposes, TV wall mounts are very useful. There are a lot of them to choose from. Here are some of the choices to consider.

  1. Full motion wall mount

This is the most popular option today. It is easy to use. It also allows the TV to be positioned in several directions. It means that you don’t have to adjust the entire wall mount or have it uninstalled just to change directions. The flexibility of this option makes it a popular choice. Usually, it is made from heavy duty steel so that it won’t easily break with continued use and changes in angle. The full motion wall mount usually holds a screen weighing up to 175 pounds. There are different sizes available depending on your needs and where you would want to use it.

  1. Low profile wall mount

This is the type that makes the screen look seamless. It is inexpensive. It allows the screen to be as close to the wall as possible. The only problem with this type is how to connect the cables and wires. It can get a bit messy along the way. This is also the type that has a small tilt function. It is not as flexible as the full motion type. It provides a more basic wall mount function, but it is good enough.

  1. Tilting mount

This type is designed to handle heavier television sets. As it is slightly tilted, it has to fight gravity. This is perfect for heavy duty purposes. It should be properly installed though or else it could be problematic. Watching the screen placed in at a higher height in this position is very comfortable. This is why this type is becoming more popular these days.

Choosing the right TV mount is essential if you want the viewing experience to be better. You should also consider where the TV will be placed and how many people will be watching. If placed at home, you just need to consider what the majority in the house wants. However, if placed in a bigger location where more people can view the screen, you must have a different standard. These wall mounts won’t cost a lot, so price will be the least of your concerns.

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