3 Space-Saving Storage Hacks for Accessories

Any home-owner will be familiar with the problem of not having quite enough storage in the house, and this is particularly true for things like accessories. Glasses, jewellery, hats, etc. never quite seem to fit anywhere in a way that’s tidy and intuitive, and without forking out for bespoke storage solutions, many of us resort to simply throwing jewellery in a box, and keeping glasses out of the way in drawers.

However, with a bit of repurposing and ingenuity, you can create some inexpensive and stylish storage solutions for your accessories, helping you tidily store everything from your Tiffany earrings to your Ray-Ban glasses:

  1. Small cups

Bear with us here – the idea of using small cups to store your accessories might sound a bit odd at first, but it can be a stylish and unique way of solving a few of your storage solutions. Small cups and eggcups can look great in a set, and are an excellent place to store earrings, small piece of jewellery and little items you might otherwise lose. Find a set of small teacups, eggcups or similar that you like the design of, and store them in a row across the top of a vanity table or on a shelf. They look great and have a chic, European feel, and they’re fantastic for hair accessories and jewellery.

  1. Cork boards

Cork boards are extremely cheap and easy to hang, and they’re fantastic for storing earrings in a way that’s easy to use and allows you to display your jewellery. You can also use pins and tacks to store necklaces and sunglasses, and the whole board can be arranged in a way that looks great on the wall. You can even paint the board or cover it with fabric if you want it to match your current interior design or wallpaper, and use push pins to give you storage options (earrings can often be pushed straight into the cork).

  1. Drawer trays

If you want a simple but effective accessory storage option, then consider nominating one of your drawers for accessories and buying a simple tray divider. These can be purchased cheaply from craft store, office store or online, or you can make some of your own if you’d prefer. These tray sections are ideal for storing hair accessories, jewellery, watches and anything else you’d like to be able to easily keep track of.

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