3 Must Have’s for Your Basement Man Cave

A basement man cave is the epitome of hang-out spots at home. It’s just for the guys, and you get to have all your favorite things in one place. Cards, big screens for the football games and a stocked bar are all must haves for the perfect man cave.

Of course, a man cave isn’t complete without some of these must have items. Add them to your space to ensure your hideaway is the best it can be.

3 Man Cave Essentials You Need to Have

If your man cave doesn’t have any of these essentials, can you really call it a man cave?

1. The Comfiest Chair

What’s a mancave without a comfy chair where you can sit back, kick up your feet, and watch a game? The best option is preferably a recliner, but a leather armchair is equally comfortable and looks luxe to boot. If you plan to smoke some cigars and enjoy some whiskey in your cave, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Of course, if you plan to host a lot of guys’ gatherings in your man cave, think about some larger furniture, too. A big couch is good for watching games, and is equally nice for lounging, watching TV, or, let’s be honest, napping. Look for leather clad chairs that have a cup holder and even a spot to rest your favorite cigar.

2. Cold Drinks

You’ll probably be having friends over to watch sports or play poker in your mancave. Make sure you’re prepared by installing a mini fridge with cold beverages. Keep your favorite beer, soda, and water on hand for grabbing after you get home from work, or for handing out when it’s game night.

You know what else wouldn’t hurt? Some snacks. Keep a stash in your mancave for when you get the munchies.

3. A Place for Poker Night

Playing poker with the guys in your man cave is a time-honored tradition. Scores of men rely on this time to unwind, relax, and have some high-stakes fun playing Texas Holde’em or Omaha high-low. Make sure your poker setup is ideal – get a big enough table, plenty of chairs, lighting, green poker felt, and a quality set of chips and decks of cards. No ordinary poker setup will due though. Many men choose to build custom rooms hidden from view to give a speak easy vibe.

Pretty soon, your mancave will be the go-to spot for all of your poker nights with friends.

Make Poker Night, or Any Night, Better in Your Man Cave

The ideal man cave will look different for every man. If you love poker, you’ll probably have a tricked-out setup and a regular, weekly game. If you cherish the time you get to zone out in front of the TV, your lounging chair will probably be deluxe. If you just need a space to get some quiet time to yourself, your man cave is where you can count on me-time.

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